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Bring the level of excitement up with one of our Karaoke party packages. J&S Entertainment Karaoke parties are fun, exciting, and everyone sticks around to sing or offer support and applause to the singers. Even those "non singers" will find themselves grabbing the mic having the time of their life, and enjoying the fun and applause.

Other Karaoke hosts may just stand there and call up the next singer. Not J&S! We keep a high energy level going - joking with the audience and even drawing for Door Prizes. Thats right! We give away door prizes. Singers can also page through the song book with over 120,000 songs... a huge selection. Everything from rock, pop, country, 50's-60's rock and roll, patriotic, duets, and show tunes. Take a minute to view our Song Catalogs.

Our Karaoke shows are not like singing along with your CD player at home. J&S Entertainment has a Professional Karaoke Systems with great sound and will make the singer feel that they are the next "American Idol". We have the right professional equipment for venues large and small alike.

Other features include:

• Wireless mics to travel around the room to have group singing.
• Books available for easy sign up.
• Group songs (like Margaritaville, American Pie) that everyone can sing, without coming on stage.
• Trivia questions and prizes dropped in during the show which adds another element to the fun.
• We offer part Karaoke and part DJ if you want to have them dancing at most places.

Sample Games:

Dysfunctional Duets: Contestants sing a song, but in the style of unlikely artist pairs. (Ie I Got You Babe in the style of Alice Cooper and Dolly Parton). Contestants win if they actually finish the song.

Name That Tune: In our version of Name That Tune we turn our monitors away from the contestants and display a song title. The audience then sings the song a cappella and the contestants have to name the song.

Pick Up Song: In Pick Up Tune we play a song and let the contestant sing along, but then fade out the music for 15-30 seconds. When the music is brought up again, we see how close the contestant is.

Kamikaze Karaoke (with a twist!): Everyone is familiar with Kamikaze Karaoke but we do things a bit differently. First, we take all the songs people sang in the first hour and put them in a hat. Then we make the contestants pull one of these songs out of the hat. That way everyone has at least heard the song once. However, arrive early. Not only can you sing lots and get more of your songs in the hat, you’ll also get to hear the other songs people sing!

Book us now for bars, birthday and holiday parties, retirements, picnics, campgrounds, school events. You name it, J&S Karaoke can do it! Set up your free consultation and let us make your next Karaoke party one to remember!

Jeff Wilson
J&S Entertainment
Phone: 502-905-5714

*Etiquette, Rules & FAQ’s: Believe it or not, this is a section that is unfortunately needed. It will explain how to make your karaoke experience more enjoyable for everybody involved. Please read.

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