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Karaoke Services Etiquette, Rules & FAQ’s:

Please respect the equipment. If you choose to sing, please do not throw, swing or roughhouse with the microphones or other DJ equipment.

How to Request to Song: Simply fill out a request slip found here on the same page or at the show and bring it to the Karaoke Host. If you need help finding a selection, the Karaoke will be glad to assist you using a computerized database. Please only turn in one form at a time. When you are called up for your song, feel free to bring up your next request.

Can’t find the song you are looking for? We have thousands of titles and sometimes the song you are looking for is buried too deep to find! Visit the DJ booth and the Host will quickly assist you in your search from a computerized database.

Courtesy to others: The last point we would like to make is to be courteous to others. When someone is done singing, applaud. Everyone is up there doing the best they can, so give them the same respect, as you would expect to receive.

How do we handle the rotation?: As the Karaoke Host/DJ, we always strive for everyone's participation and overall enjoyment. It is impossible to please everyone, as we all know. Please let it be known that we will and always have, tried to be fair to all patrons and singers during one of our shows.

Can I Bring my own music?: Karaoke uses a special CD, called a CD+G (CD with Graphics). For the avid karaoke fans, if you have your own disks, you are more than welcome to bring them. We can play CD+G, but please, bring the disk in a case so that it is protected. Although we will treat it as our own, we are not responsible for any damage that may come to your disks. For those of you that have select songs that you always like to sing and would like to build your own CD+G, visit www.mycdg.com where you can order your own custom CD+G that you can actually pick and choose the songs you want. How great would it be to just hand us a disk and say, "play any song off this disk"? At this website, you can order 10 to 15 songs on a disk at only $4 per song. We recommend selecting "Sound Choice" music, as they are truest to the originals. They also ship quickly. Most disks arrive at your door within 72 hours.

What do I do if I have a slip in, but have to leave?: If you have slips on the table, and decide to leave the room or venue, please come and say goodbye. We would like to know you had a good time and we also need to know so that we can remove you from the singing the order.

Why are there duplicates of the same song in your songlist?: Simple, with the number of manufacturer's out there, it is inevitable to have more than one version of the same song. If the version you select isn't as good as another, we'll probably switch to the better one.

Can you change the key of a song?: Yes. All of our systems have the Key Control Feature that allows ½ step changes. This allows us to be able to adjust the song to the key of your voice so that you can enjoy singing even if the normal key of the song is a little too high or too low for your singing range.

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